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Critical solutions, from business needs to support and maintenance
Dynamic focused team

who are we?

The it4all Hungary Ltd. is a dynamically growing company focused on critical application development.  We deliver solutions that serve as cornerstones to organizations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To achieve this goal, we have gained a strong team of IT professionals. Our key experts have more than two decades’ worth of experience, which guarantees that quality and functionality shall not be compromised.

We deliver our solutions based on the most up to date technology, addressing the highest level of quality. We also deal with the long-time usability aspect of the software quality. Our IT systems are future proof, standing against the changes of business needs, IT infrastructure and performance requirements without degradation. Good investments for our customers and partners.


By understanding their goals, we do our best to help our clients reach their business objectives. Our main goal to help them with solutions we deliver. Due to our professional perfectionism and responsible attitude our clients and partners entrust us with new assignments year after year.


Our committed team is working hard in the background, but we support each other at the same time. This inspires, motivates us to reach professional and personal goals.


We consider ourselves lucky because our colleagues’ thirst for knowledge and the mission of it4all drives us towards the innovation and new limits. The challenges we face require up-to-date knowledge and cutting-edge technology.

what we do?

Our technological focus is the Cloud Native applications. They can be delivered and maintained on wide range of operational infrastructures and clouds. We integrate the deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities and deliver a properly adopted solution for the business workflows. For discovering and understanding the business needs we use standard business process model and notation (BPMN).

Our Clients

We have an ever-widening range of clients, mostly large multinational enterprises, which are generally sector leaders of their own industry. We have solid experience working with telecommunication, governmental and financial companies. But at the same time, we also offer solutions for the small and medium-sized enterprises to raise their level of digitalization. We have a strong focus on introducing new technologies – like the artificial intelligence – to everyday business and life.

Our Services

We deliver solution at any scale including the strongly integrated enterprise applications. we can plan solutions, using our methodology, and deliver a DevOps ready design for the agile team. They can manage their development by the design plan. We provide support, even 7*24, for our applications and we also have offers for other solutions too. In a long-term partnership, we share our know-how with our partners providing them consultancy. We have a platform and partnership offer for helping software development of products. “Powered by it4all” can be a good option for parties who wants to focus on the product, not the software development.